Seattle Public Library

The architecture is pretty neat. Unfortunately, during my most recent visit (Jan 2022), most floors were closed so you can't see much of it.



Cozy bar. We stopped by here while waiting for a table at Kamonegi next door. I like that they have a fridge for retail so you can get sake to go.

Nana's Green Tea

Probably the highlight of the trip. Really tasty snacks and light lunch. The katsu sando is better than the one at Hi Collar. The sundae is on par with the one from Cha-an. Really great. Worth a visit.

Storyville Coffee

Really cute spot. The one in Pike Place overlooks the water. Coffee is not terrible, but not amazing, especially for the high prices.

The cinnamon roll is worth a try but gave me a stomachache afterwards.



Specializes in tempura and soba. The tempura and starting sides are delicious. I liked the tsukemono and the ankimo. I had high hopes for the soba, but I think the noodles aren't quite the right consistency - too chewy and thick.


REI Flagship

Biggest REI I've been to. There's a climbing wall, mini-bike trail, and waterfall on site.